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I always love seeing a full moon. Maybe it's the feeling of not being alone in the world, and how small we all really are in this rollercoaster we ride called life. Being drawn to the moon has also brought up a spiritual admiration to those that follow the moon in their daily routine or rituals. I wanted to take my research about gut health and the many benefits of a balanced gut into my aspirations and intentions for the new season. This leads me to Moon Milk.

The full moon on March 28th is, as some would call, a supermoon. Meaning it's the second moon to show in one month that's closer to the earth than other full moons that happen during the year. This specific full moon is called the 'worm moon'. This is the final moon of the winter, spring is on the horizon bringing new life and excitement. New opportunities are everywhere this time of year, hence the spirituality of 'worm moon'.

What is Moon Milk? Moon Milk is a soothing beverage going back to the tradition of the Ayurvedic. It is an ancient Vedic holistic health science with an emphasis on the mind-body connection. Moon milk can be a simple mix of milk and honey or more complex using a mix of spices, superfoods and fruit. There are many benefits to an evening routine that includes moon milk. Depending on the ingredients of your moon milk it can support your immune system and help balance hormones.

Common ingredients you can use in your moon milk:

- Non-Dairy Milk (use your favourite, I used oat milk for mine!)

- Adaptogens (Ashwagandha or Spirulina)

- Sweetener of your choice (I left this out of mine but consider maple syrup, raw honey or agave)

- Herbs or dried flowers

-Spices (Tumeric, cinnamon, nutmeg)

-Healthy Fats (coconut oil)

Warm milk before bed can help you get a good night's sleep, just like when you were a kid. Moon Milk is the adult version and feels almost like mixing potions.

Golden Tumeric and Pumpkin

- 1/2 cup of milk of your choice

- 1 tablespoon of Tumeric

- 1/2 tablespoon of Tumeric Latte Mix

- 1/2 tablespoon of pumpkin pie spice

- 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon

Mix ingredients together and heat in a pot until warm and fully mixed. Pour the warm moon milk mix into a blender or a frother. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

This recipe actually surprised me with taste. I was expecting to not enjoy it too much but I actually loved it. It was a warm drink of fall and sweetness. Tumeric is also very good for digestion, so extra bonus for me!

Coconut Matcha Moon Milk

- 1/2 cup of your choice of milk

- 1 tablespoon of matcha latte mix

- 1/4 tablespoon of coconut oil

- Coconut sprinkles (optional)

Mix ingredients together and heat in a pot until warm and fully mixed. Pour the warm moon milk mix into blender or frother. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

I'm not a matcha drinker, to begin with, and I also don't love the taste of coconut so this recipe was stacked against my opinions. However, it was a very soft warm taste. The coconut added a nice refreshing aftertaste. I would try this again with another flavour of matcha.

Spirulina Moon Milk

- 1/2 cup of your choice of milk

- 1 tablespoon of spirulina

- 1/2 tablespoon of cinnamon

- 1/2 tablespoon of allspice

- Lavender buds to sprinkle on top (optional)

Mix ingredients together and heat in a pot until warm and fully mixed. Pour the warm moon milk mix into a blender or frother. Pour into a cup and enjoy.

I'll be honest here, I really made this one up. I was hoping the spirulina would be more blue than green and I wasn't really sure what theme I was looking for. This one was the worst one by the taste for sure. Spirulina is a very earthy acquired taste. I would try again to get a softer taste or overpower it with another yummy flavour.

Let me know if you try a moon milk mix, I'd love to hear what flavours you enjoy. I think ill be playing around with the Tumeric blend for my evening routine. Pair it with a facemask and a good book and this season of new beginnings will be beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading!

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Updated: Aug 11

I know it's not even Halloween yet, which in theory is too early to switch into the Christmas mood (Remembrance day is super important) but this year has been.. well, you know. 2020 has been a year of a lot of firsts, first time being in lockdown, first time having an anxiety attacks buying groceries, first time actually completing the watchlist on your Netflix account, all firsts we weren't really excited about happening. So why not make 2020 the first year you're actually prepared for the holiday season, and maybe the first year you shop exclusively at local stores and local artists. There are so many important and feel good reasons why starting your Christmas gift shopping now isn't too early. Here are my top 4 reasons to start today, and if you're already looking to start, scroll to the bottom to see some of my favourite local Ottawa shops and artists to shop from.

1. Get your gifts and orders in time for Dec 25th!

If you haven't heart, Canada Post is urging shoppers to get their holiday shopping done early this year due to the high demand on shipping companies with Covid this year. You can read more about it HERE. I would take this as a big warning, so many small businesses rely on Canada Post to get their products to their customers. In order to support your favorite local artist and not be disappointed that your order doesn't arrive on time (not to mention the stress small business owners go through when you don't get your order in time) order early, get those packages in the mail as soon as you can!

2. Get that warm and fuzzy feeling!

Everytime you shop from a local artist or shop owner, they do a dance. Honestly they do. Make their Christmas and purchase from them instead of the big box guys. Jeff Bezos really doesn't need another vacation home, but your local shop owner may need that order money to purchase their Turkey for their holiday meal. It's like two gifts in one, the gift you purchase and the gift you gave that local maker by purchasing from them his holiday season!

3. Get creative and think sustainable for your gift wrapping

With the extra time you will have by shopping early, why not spend that time coming up with creative and sustainable ways to wrap your gifts! You could use recycled materials like newspaper or an old pillowcase. Instead of purchasing wrapping paper, consider wrapping your gift with another gift like a scarf or a blanket! Two gifts and nothing is sent to the landfill! If this isn't your forte, consider asking those local makers and artist to gift wrap it for you (this is great if you are sending the purchase straight to the gift receiver).

4. Live in the Moment and Enjoy the season

This is the most important reason to start and finish your Christmas Shopping and running around early, be present and stress free this holiday. I know I definitely stress when I still have a million things on my list with only 2 days to do it all. Don't let that be you this year. Support local, shop small and be present with those that you love this holiday season.

Local Artists to Ottawa:

Gemma By Design - Gemstone jewelry inspired by adventures + good vibes Frank+Hound - Handmade Dog Bandanas and Bow Ties, with customization options available!

Chatchandbo - Laser cut Wood Jewellery

Lola and Bear handmade - Gorgeous knit hats, mitts and scarfs

Night Moves Atelier - Funky, gorgeous, 80's inspired earring and hair clips

Capsule Creator - Canadian made clothing for capsule wardrobes

Stephanie Davis Designs - Local fashion designer making functional fashionable pieces for working mom

Copious Fashions - Something for everyone; from well-made clothing, to comfy and cozy sweaters, to uniquely thrifted pieces that are embellished

Local Shops in Ottawa with a lot of amazing canadian made gifts:

Kindred Shop - One of my favourite stores on Wellington street! They carry jewelry made in house, quirky gifts for cat lovers, canadian made pottery, bags, clothing and more!

JV Studios - The best shop to find a greeting card for any and every occasion. You'll find at least one thing for a person on your list, I guarantee!

MakerHouse - Canadian Gifts, home decor and solid wood furniture.

Workshop and Flock - Filled with Canadian made fashions, jewelry, accessories and gifts. A go to shop for the fashionista in your life! Cheerfully Made - Find everything from candles to art to clothing all made by Canadian makers

Happy Shopping!

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Updated: May 25, 2020

As you all know, the year 2020 has shaped out to be something out of our wildest dreams, or nightmares really. Covid-19 has wreaked havoc across the globe, and our lives have shifted for a lot longer than we thought.

It was Friday March 13th that my boss (at my full time gig) sat down with everyone in the office and explained to us that the virus cases are increasing in our area and he understood that if we as employees wanted to work from home we could. I left that Friday afternoon meeting saying I would be back in the office on the following Monday. Well that was not at all what happened. That would be the last time I was in the office until the foreseeable future.

The transition to staying at home and losing my normal routine of going to the gym, to the office, to the coffee shop all became unavailable, just like that. Honestly, it was really hard for me. The first month and a half felt like a whole year. Everyday became the same, I felt so useless in every aspect. Collaborating with my amazing co-workers changed, my daily work routine changed, my mindset changed, my mood changed and my motivation slipped so low.

I know I wasn't alone in that state, with many of us across the globe feeling the same way, or worse. I empathize with all these incredible health care workers and essential employees going to work terrified and exhausted everyday. I understand I am one of the lucky ones who has been able to keep my full time job and not worry financially, but I never thought being forced to stay at home and not socialize would affect me so much.

I first started seeing several small designers and businesses I admire offer personal face masks very early on. At first I didn't want to come to terms with the fact that these masks were going to be a necessity, the thought that everyone would have to wear one freaked me out. I didn't want to live in that world. I tried to avoid the topic, mostly because in my head I didn't think I was worth enough to sew and sell or donate the masks I could make.

So what changed my mind? I think a lot of things did, mostly my outlook changed. This was an opportunity for me to share my skills with those that need it. As a small business getting my hands on all the supplies has been tough but I've chosen to use fabric scraps that would normally end up in the garbage. This allows me to offer limited one of-a-kind run of ice dyed masks to those that need them. I've used pillow cases, cotton scraps from my fabric bin and cotton print scraps my mom found in her craft pile. All these fabrics have been given a new life.

So in the end, I'm making masks for you and for me. I'm able to provide a product that is individually dyed (making it one of a kind) that can provide a form of security to anyone feeling anxious about having to get groceries. It's also a product a lot of people are now needing due to businesses requiring customers to wear a face mask upon entering their store, which is amazing to see as by wearing a facemask it shows that we care and support our healthcare professionals and front line workers that are looking after us. And I'm making these masks to sell for myself. I have found something to focus on and use upcycled fabric to lessen the carbon footprint. All around seems like a win win!



#facemasks #canada

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